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Flight Crew Recurrent Training Av Cargo

Active Aviation Training has recently completed a series of Recurrent and Operator Conversion courses for Av Cargo flight crew. The courses in compliance with ICAO and EASA requirements included SEP, Emergency Equipment, First Aid and practical fire and smoke training. Commenting on the training, Chief Executive Officer Donahue Cortes said "We are delighted to continue building on our relationship with AV Cargo and serving as their preferred training provider for these aspects of ground school training for their pilots operating on MD11 aircraft"

Active Aviation Training offers training services for pilots and flight crew who are required to complete ground school training that is specific to the operator and aircraft type. A full range of subjects are available and we create the required training and dispatch qualified instructors to deliver the training courses for flight crew and pilots. Our training instructors all have extensive experience in the delivery of training and come with verifiable qualifications and career history. Alternatively we can arrange the training in the UK and each airline operator can send their crew for training in the United Kingdom

For further details on flight crew training and pilot training email or call us on (+44) 08700 672  757

Airline Instructor Course Dates

Active Aviation Training delivers an extensive range of airline instructor training courses suited for both new and existing training instructors and airline training managers. Our courses have been attended by instructors and managers from global airlines and our experienced training team will deliver these courses at either our UK training facilities or at any location suitable to each customer.

2012 Training Dates

We currently have some spaces available on our next instructor courses held in the UK.

  • CRM Facilitators Course - 02-04 November 2012 - London Heathrow - UK
  • Advanced Training Techniques - 05-06 November 2012 - London Heathrow - UK
  • Cabin Safety Instructor Course 15-17 November 2012 - London Heathrow, UK
  • Dangerous Goods Instructor Course 19-22 November 2012 - London Heathrow, UK
  • Training & Instructional Techniques 19-22 November 2012 - London Heathrow, UK
  • Aviation Medicine Instructor Course 24-26 November 2012 - London Heathrow, UK

2013 Training Dates

  • Training & Instructional Techniques - 21st to 24th January
  • Cabin Safety Instructor Course - 28th to 30th January
  • Aviation Medicine Instructor Course -  31st Jan to 02nd February
  • CRM Facilitators Course -  04th to 07th February
  • Dangerous Goods Instructor Course -   11th to 14th February

For further dates in 2012 email or call us on (+44) 08700 672  757

Dana Air - Message from AAT staff

On Saturday 02nd June 2012, a Dana Air Boeing MD83 suffered an accident on approach into Lagos Airport, resulting in a total hull loss and in which over 150 people lost their lives.

As would be expected, the investigations are at an early stage and Dana Air are keeping the media and those affected informed in a factual and timely manner. Much media speculation surrounds the events that unfolded on that fateful Saturday to which ASCG CEO Donahue Cortes has stated "A lot of unfounded and unnecessary speculation has saturated media channels. Although it is understandable that everyone is expecting answers investigations of this nature have to be done meticulously and in a thorough manner - and this will take time. Dana Air have demonstrated a total commitment to doing whatever is necessary to support the authorities and those involved during what is always a chaotic and difficult stage in a crisis and emergency management plan. With an impeccable record for reliability and quality service Dana has, in only a few years, gained a prime reputation in the Nigerian aviation industry". Furthermore Donahue stated "The media and those who are impatiently coming to their own conclusions need to accept that it is time to allow the experts to do their jobs and to show respect to the staff at Dana Air, to the Aviation Authorities in Nigeria, and most importantly to the families and friends of those that have sadly passed away".

05th June 2012