Boeing 777 Cabin Crew Instructor Course

The aim of our Boeing 777 Cabin Crew Instructor Course is to empower facilitators with the required skills and knowledge to train flight crew and cabin crew in an effective and facilitative manner on aircraft type specifics. This course clearly defines to attendees the knowledge requried on a specific type of aircraft and variants. All delegates receive a comprehensive learners manual and a certificate of course attendance.

Boeing 777 Cabin Crew Instructor Course Content

The content of our Boeing 777 Instructor Course is listed below. This training course can be delivered at any location subject to facilities.

  • Introductions & Course Objectives
  • Technical Specifications
  • Aircraft Layouts & Configurations
  • Cabin Facilities
  • Flight Deck Facilities & Procedures
  • Doors & Exits
  • Means of Escape
  • Cabin Systems: Water, Electrical, Oxygen & Communication
  • Evacuation & Emergency Procedures
  • Practical Operation of Doors & Exits
  • Practical Pilot Incapacitation
  • Practical Slide Descent
  • Crew Resource Management Aeroplane Specific


The above course covers all generic technical subjects relevant to an aircraft type. In addition to the modules listed above we can customise the course to also include operator specific information such as equipment location and operation, operator's standard operating procedures specific to type and operator's emergency procedures specific to type, empowering course participants with specific knowledge for training cabin crew and flight crew.


1 to 2 days depending on aircraft type & variants. If additional modules are required on customer specifics then duration will vary accordingly.

Who Should Attend This Course

Airline training instructors from around the world attend this training course as an introduction to new aircraft type that is being introduced into their fleet or who require type specific certification to deliver training to air crew on a type of aircraft they are not familiar with.

For Further information

To find out further about our Boeing 777 Type Specific Instructors Training Course please email or call us on +44 (0) 8700 672 757.

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