Flight Crew Training

Active Aviation Training offers training services for pilots and flight crew who are required to complete ground school training that is specific to the operator and aircraft type. A full range of subjects are available and we create the required training and dispatch qualified instructors to deliver the training courses for flight crew and pilots. Our training instructors all have extensive experience in the delivery of training and come with verifiable qualifications and career history. Alternatively we can arrange the training in the UK and each airline operator can send their crew for training in the United Kingdom

Flight Crew & Pilot Training Courses

Our flight crew courses and pilot training solutions are listed below and we can also offer modular subjects as standalone training to accompany any in-house training courses. Training can be delivered at base, or any location suitable to your operation. Flight crew training courses and subjects include:

  • Flight Crew Operator's Conversion Training
  • Flight Crew Recurrent Training
  • Flight Crew SEP Training
  • Flight Crew First Aid & Medical Aspects Training
  • Flight Crew Security Training
  • Flight Crew CRM Training
  • Flight Crew Dangerous Goods Training
  • Flight Crew Fire & Smoke Practical Training
  • Flight Crew Doors & Exits Practical Training
  • Flight Crew Water Survival / Wet Drills Training

Quality Assurance for Commercial, Cargo & Corporate Airlines

Our careful attention to details means that we have a strong focus on delivering training that meets the specific needs of each operator and their corresponding Authority. This means that we take time to ensure that we fully aware of your operating procedures, equipment, policies and requirements. Our training team will receive the necessary induction and we provide all our customers with detailed reports and certification as required as evidence of capabilities and delivery of training.

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